Northern Illinois Dance Center Policies, Terms and Conditions are all listed below for your information.


Please be advised that discontinued attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a class. Failure to officially cancel enrollment at Northern Illinois Dance Center will result in continued responsibility to the expenses related to your account. Cancellations must be reported prior to the month end. Tuition is not refunded for partial month attendance.

Please list below the classes from which your child will withdraw:
** if more than 3 classes, add in "reason for withdrawal" area below.
Per our policies: Dropped Class: If a student will be dropping a class or changing to a different class a drop/change form must be filled out. Simply not showing up without explanation is not an accepted form of “dropping” a class. Your account will continue to be charged monthly tuition until a drop/change form is filled out and signed. We require a 2-week notice to drop a class. You will be responsible for paying tuition through that 2-week notice.

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