4 Week Session Classes

Tippy Toe Tots

(ages 2 – 3 years old)

This class is for the kids who are ready to dance without a parent being there. They are ready to start following directions and being a good listener.

They will explore movement through fine and gross motor skills in a fun way. They will work on balance and muscle control.

As you know these little ones’ attention spans may not always be the longest. We adapt to meet their abilities and try to sneak in our dance education through creative movement.

Watch your little dancer blossom!

*This class is offered in our 4-week sessions only and is not in our recitals.

Dress code – leotard, tights, skirt (optional), hair pulled off face
Shoes – Pink leather full sole Ballet Shoes

This​ class is currently being offered at 3 different times; Tuesdays from 9:30am-10:00am OR 10:00-10:30am OR Saturdays 10:45 – 11:15am

*see session schedule for more info

Class is $30



2018-19 Session Dates

Session # Tuesday Classes Saturday Classes
5 1/8 – 1/29 1/12 – 2/2
6 2/5 – 2/26 2/9 – 3/9, no class 2/16
7 3/5 – 4/2, no class 3/26 None
8 4/9 – 4/30 None
9 5/8 – 5/29 None