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Northern Illinois Dance Center prides itself on the kids and parents we have at NIDC.
We value the students, parents and friends that all make up the NIDC family.

Below are testimonials about NIDC.

From starting with our 4 year old daughter taking one dance class on a Saturday morning once a week 5 years ago to now having Her as an almost 9 year old competing with 2 teams and taking 11 hours of dance a week in various dance classes. Then our now 11 year old son finding his passion after trying all other sports and not enjoying them he found a sport that he enjoys more than anything he has ever done!!! He competes with 2 Hip Hop teams with NIDC! NIDC is not only a dance studio but a “Dance Family” that cares about the other families like they are their own. It is so amazing to watch the positive affects that dance and NIDC have had on our children and many other children that I have witnessed throughout the years. This studio is creating well rounded dancers and people. We are so proud and lucky to be a part of this family. ~ Amber Goodman


Last night, when I was driving back to the studio for literally the tenth time this week, I was feeling kind of down. Dance is an important part of my family’s life, but it is also expensive, time consuming, and physically and mentally exhausting. I was worried and thinking to myself that I really hope I am making the right decisions for my kids and my family. Then, when I got to the studio, I watched my daughter’s acro class through the window. Each one of those girls was flip-flopping, hand springing around, doing skills they hadn’t even dreamt of six months ago, with huge smiles on their faces. When I walked in, I could hear giggling and laughter coming from the closed studio door where Domination was practicing. All of the kids, my own and my “other babies”, came out sweaty, sore, and SMILING. Despite the fact that many of them had just completed 4 hours of dance for the night, ate dinner standing in the lobby between classes, and still had to head home to do homework, they were all hugging each other, laughing, and overall enjoying being together. As I listened to my kids chatter to each other on the way home about how “awesome ballet with Miss Madeline” was tonight, how the “hip hop teams are going to be great this year”, and that “Miss Melissa is the best acro teacher ever!”, I felt a big sigh of relief. Thank you Northern Illinois Dance Center. Thank you  Kari Holder Sulaver. Thank you to all the hard working coaches and teachers that spend hours and hours with my kids each week. Thank you thank you thank you.    ~Kelly McGinnis Herst


My daughter had been dancing since she was 3 years old.  She loved it and that’s all she wanted to do was take dance class.  We started her in a few classes and tried a few different studios.  She grew bored of it and not challenged enough.  Then I found NIDC thru a good family friend.  He highly suggested NIDC and I gave it a try.  My daughter loved it.  She loved ALL the classes that were offered.  She tried out for the competition team Curtsy over the summer and made it.  She was beyond thrilled.  Then she was asked to do a solo as well.  Now my daughter dances 5 to 6 days a week and wouldn’t have it any other way.  NIDC offers all classes and my daughter loves them and takes them all.  The teachers here really care about each dancer and want to see them all grow and succeed.  They saw the potential and drive my daughter has for dance.  If she could live at the studio she would! Everyone here is so nice, helpful and it’s like a family.  We have found my daughters dance studio for years and years to come and wouldn’t change for anything.  I can’t wait to get my youngest in dance classes as well here.  NIDC is wonderful!!!