Class Descriptions

Classes at NIDC are divided by age, type of dance, and level of experience. Northern Illinois Dance Center has an open enrollment policy and welcomes new students throughout the year as space allows. Students must be registered by January 15th to be included in the Spring Recital.   Registration is recommended at the start of the session, since many classes fill quickly.Please feel free to email us with any questions

Classes Offered

Dance Basics

ages 3-5 years old
This beginning dance class offers our youngest students with a chance to learn different styles of dance and creative movement. They will learn correct terminology and placement of different dance steps tailored to their beginning learning level. They will also work on musicality, coordination, listening skills, and proper teacher-student class etiquette. This class is a great opportunity for your child to be in a structured environment while still being allowed to be creative and have fun!
Dress code – leotard, tights, skirt (optional), hair pulled off face
Shoes – Pink leather or canvas Ballet Shoes and Black Tap Shoes

Combo Class (ex: ballet/tap, jazz/hip hop, or Combo Sampler)

ages 5-8 years old
Combo classes are for younger dancers trying new or different dance styles. They learn the fundamentals of ballet and tap or jazz and hip hop with a focus on overall coordination, motor skills, and learning proper dance class etiquette. Class also incorporates time for creativity, musicality and of course, fun.
|Dress code- leotard, tights, skirt (optional), hair secured and pulled back, black tap shoes, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, or tan jazz shoes.


ages 8+
This classical dance form provides the technical foundation and grace for all other types of dance. Classes consist of exercises performed at the ballet barre, combinations done in the center of the dance floor, and progressions traveling across the floor. Ballet students develop strength and flexibility along with musicality and having fun.
Dress code- black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt (optional), hair in bun
Shoes – pink leather or canvas split sole ballet shoes.


age: strictly on teacher placement
Pointe class is offered to advanced ballet students. Students work on developing ballet technique related to wearing pointe shoes.Teacher permission is required.
Dress code- pink leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt (optional), hair in bun, pink pointe shoes.


ages 8+
Jazz is a fast-paced, energetic dance style that builds on ballet technique while incorporating what is popular in dance styles today. Class typically consists of a warm-up, progressions done across the floor, technique training, and a combination done in the center. It is a fun class that will build in difficulty throughout the semester.
Dress code- leotard, jazz pants/shorts, hair pulled back, tan jazz shoe.

Hip Hop

ages 8+
Hip hop incorporates popular dance moves and styles from a variety of eras. This fast paced class incorporates popping, locking, breaking, tutting, and a variety of new styles that become popular during the semester. Hip Hop focuses on the finer nuances of body isolation and musicality. Class consists of a warm-up, combinations in the center, and time to work on student’s own creativity in developing short combinations.
Dress code- comfortable clothing, hair pulled back, clean black converse sneaker.


ages 8+
Modern/lyrical class introduces fundamental modern concepts while building on skills and body alignment learned in ballet. The class focuses on creativity, the position of the spine, body awareness and body placement. Students learn how to incorporate emotion into their dancing both in class and on stage. Class consists of exercises done in the center, exercises on the floor, combinations across the floor, and combinations in the center. Strong ballet technique is recommended.
Dress code- leotard/tank/cami, fitted shorts/pants/leggings, hair pulled back, tan paws or tan jazz shoe.


ages 8+
Tap dance focuses on rhythm and musicality while also being very fast-paced. A variety of tap dance styles are focused on throughout the  levels, which are highlighted through different music genres and technique styles from various dance eras. Classes consist of a warm-up and progressions done in the center and across the floor. Students will learn traditional tap skills and build on this foundation with their own improvisation and creativity.
Dress code- leotard, jazz pants, hair pulled back, black tap shoes.

Musical Theater

ages 8+
Musical Theater classes focus on combining the styling of a jazz class with the characteristics and personality used on Broadway. Acting and musicality are taught in this class, along with proper jazz technique and progressions. A variety of musicals are reviewed in these classes so the dancers are exposed to old, new, and upcoming musical theater styles. Classes consist of a warm-up, progressions across the floor, acting/musicality training, and combinations in the center.
Dress code- leotard, jazz pants, hair pulled back, tan or black jazz shoes.

NIDC Dance Company Dancers

Our dance companies are by audition only.   The companies meet for technique classes and choreography rehearsal.  Students have the opportunity to perform at community events and be showcased in our Spring Recital. They also have the opportunity to be asked to be in solos, duets, trios and small groups in ballet, tap, and hip hop along with jazz and lyrical.