Northern Illinois Dance Center is excited to offer 6-Week Session Classes to ALL. We have additional classes not on our normal schedule in the areas of Dance and Art Education. See below list of classes and information on signing up today.

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Dance & Fitness

Teen Ballet:  Tuesday 5-6pm

Teen Ballet class

Adaptive Fitness:  Wednesday 2-3pm

Exercise and have fun!  Using light equipment and music, this class is designed for individuals with a disability to improve fitness, mobility, and self-efficacy in order to enhance physical fitness and wellness in a fun and positive way.

Senior Fitness, Stretch and Balance:  Thursday 3-4pm

Work on strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. Classes begin with a warm-up, followed by work with light weights, a cardio session and  finish with a cool down with stretching.

Pre-Ballet:  Thursday 4-5pm

This class is for ages 4 – 8yrs old.

Ballet Floor Barre:  Thursday 7-8pm

Floor Barre is a technique in ballet training that “takes the basic ballet barre training from the standing position to the floor. It helps to strengthen the body and lengthen muscles.  This class is for everyone desiring the alignment, strengthening and health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective technique. *Bring a Yoga Mat

Adult Fitness:  Friday 2-3pm

Get in shape by working on cardio, toning and flexibility.  This high intensity class will integrate aerobics, Pilates, weights and stretching in a fast paced but fun environment.  *Bring a Yoga Mat

Cardio Dance:  Friday 3-4pm

Cardio dance is performed in a group setting. Combining Zumba, Jazz and Ballet moves, this class will get you moving!  Tone your muscles and increase your endurance to music.

Stretching:  Friday 4-5pm

Work on head to toe flexibility and balance in this class.  Designed to meet everyone’s ability, this class is designed to increase mobility for the entire body.  *Bring a Yoga Mat


Art Education & Instruction

Our classes will provide them with a comprehensive art foundation that serves them well not just with a sketchbook, but in school!

Little Sketchers Class
Ages 5 – 7
Basic Drawing Skills building, Color Theory & Fun
Artists in Training
Ages 8 – 11
Basic/intermediate Drawing fundamentals , Life drawing, 2-D Animation & more
Young Artist Academy
Ages 12 – 18
Int./Adv Drawing Techniques, Life drawing, figure Drawing, Animation & more



We will offer 2 different prices.

Family Membership fee per year: (year runs from June 1 – may 31) = $40

Member fees: 1 class per 6 week session is $60
  * Ask about our multiple class discounts.

Non-Members: 1 class per 6 week session is $70
  * Ask about our multiple class discounts.